Accessibility @ Syracuse University

On this site, presentation materials are presented digitally for access:

A digital copy of Jay’s notes for his CCR talk.

Jay’s Powerpoint slides for his CCR talk.

A copy of Jay’s notes for his “Against Ableism” workshop.

Jay’s Powerpoint slides for his “Against Ableism” workshop.

A copy of the “Eugenics and Coeducation at Syracuse” article from 1917.

A Link to a Long List of Universal Design Ideas.

A Link to the Open Access Version of the book Academic Ableism.

Margaret Price’s “It Shouldn’t Be So Hard” on the hiring process for faculty with disabilities.

Stephanie L. Kerschbaum et al., “Faculty Members, Accommodation, and Access in Higher Education.”

More on the “Disabled Faculty Study.”

Temple Collaborative on Community Inclusion: Supportive Academic Environments for Community Inclusion.

Sera Davidow’s critique of the “First Aid for Mental Health” approach that has become popular on campuses.

Carl Straumsheim’s article on guidelines for publishing accessible books.

Toolkit for describing visual resources within academic work.

Wanted: Disabled Faculty Members,” an article on ableism in the hiring process.

Tara Wood and Shannon Madden’s, “Suggested Practices for Syllabus Accessibility Statements.”

Accessible Syllabus Project.

The Composing Access project, offering resources to make conferences and presentations more accessible.

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